Swissqual NQDI: Netqual, Qualipoc

Swissqual NQDI: Netqual, Qualipoc

The Network Quality Data Investigator (NQDI) is a post processing system that demonstrates the capabilities of data collection by SwissQual QualiPoc and Diversity products for network and service optimization and benchmarking. On top of all radio technologies, NQDI also provides detailed quality analysis and long-term reporting for voice and data services.

Network Quality Data Investigator (NQDI) stores all information gathered by the collection systems in a scalable database, allowing flexible data selection and filtering for detailed troubleshooting and long-term trend analysis. It combines the benefits of insights generated by high-level KPI summaries with the investigative power of detailed drilldowns.

A smart adapting GUI sensitive to contextual information enables users to focus on relevant information, while time synchronization and correlation of numerous data layers helps to automate fault categorization. The quality of voice, video, messaging and data services can be investigated using primary RF measurements, network trace events, call control parameters, IP and application level events, and voice and video quality indicators.

NQDI presents such information in time-synchronized views using maps, message monitors, grids, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, tables and hierarchical lists. It features multiple options for reporting, from predefined packages to guided KPI-based creation of Excel reports with a powerful report generator.

  • Fully scalable system: from a standalone laptop solution to large client/server enterprise
  • Unique speech and video quality analysis
  • Powerful reporting and map plotting
  • Scalable client server architecture
  • Server-powered Microsoft® SQL Server® database engine
  • Fully scalable system, from a standalone laptop solution to large client/server enterprise
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows® platforms
  • Named and floating licensing
  • Easy database management
  • NQDI databases are easily managed with the integrated data management tool
  • Scalable data storage
  • Detailed information stored in the database to avoid compromising the flexibility and analysis depth
  • Intelligent collection files design allows extremely fast import speed into the database
  • Full range of technologies supported
  • CDMA, EVDO, iDEN, IS-136, TDMA
  • PSTN, ISDN, Wi-Fi, WiMAX™
  • Context-sensitive user interface
  • Context-sensitive user interface automatically adopts the presentation to the content and technology
  • No need to change between workspaces or rearrange any windows manually
  • Customizable and detachable windows
  • Drilldown and visualization of information from service and application layers down to RF
  • Flexible data selection
  • Speech quality analysis
  • ITU-T P.863 (POLQA) full reference voice MOS (narrow and wideband)
  • ITU-T P.862/P.862.1 (PESQ) full reference voice MOS (narrowband)
  • SwissQual SQuad full reference voice MOS (narrow and wideband), echo, noise suppression and RTT assessments
  • SwissQual NiNa+ no reference voice MOS
  • Video service analysis
  • Full support for video service analysis and visual quality assessment.
  • Time to first picture, long-term freezing, IP statistics and degradation cause values
  • SwissQual VQuad full reference visual quality MOS
  • SwissQual VMon no reference visual quality MOS
  • Data service analysis
  • Analysis of a wide range of services:
  • Voice telephony: CS and VoIP speech MOS, noise suppression, echo, RTT, DTMF
  • Data: Ping, FTP, UDP, HTTP, Data Capacity, Iperf
  • Browsing: WAP, HTTPS/HTTP IE
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, e-mail
  • Video over IP: video streaming portals, including YouTube
  • 3G video telephony
  • IP layer analysis
  • Dedicated protocol and throughput analysis of IP traces
  • PCAP files can be automatically loaded into Wireshark® with NQDI time synchronization
  • Map plotting
  • Supports configurable binning on grid or latitude/longitude precision.
  • BTS lists for GSM, UMTS, CDMA and LTE can be loaded
  • Serving sector lines and coverage functions
  • Smart window splitting for easy analysis of multiple networks and parameters
  • Powerful reporting
  • More than 200 KPIs available for service and network performance reporting and trending
  • KPI report generator allows users to create their own custom KPI reports
  • Report configurator enables users to create very advanced reports via SQL and Visual Basic scripting
  • Web reporting
  • Fully compatible with NetQual NQWeb platform for companywide distributed presentation and reporting

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