actix analyzer 2023

Actix Analyzer Update AU2211 2022

لایسنس و کرک Amdocs Drive Test Analytics Suite, by Actix

آخرین ورژن اکتیکس ۲۰۲۳ بصورت کامل تست شده و کرک شده با تمامی امکانات

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official release notes of actix analyzer 2023

This release contains support for new and updated file formats. There are updates for most technologies that Analyzer supports, with changes falling under the following categories:

Technology improvements:

  • Updates to 5 Qualcomm Snapdragon X70 chipset log codes
  • VoLTE / VoNR / EPS-FallBack access type indication during SIP calls.

New collections of devices and improvements:

  • IPv4 address set from Android Smart Phone reports
  • Support for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918U) with TEMS Investigation / Paragon.
  • Improvements to Nemo support for LTE CA measurements
  • Scanner-decoded SIB1 MCC / MNC, and GSM RLT support with R&S QualiPoc

Platform improvements

  • Major update to Local Activation Server, supporting HTTPS, User-defined Group Management, SQL Server Express 2019, and automatic installation of IIS and SQL Server Express.

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Actix Analyzer Update AU2211 2022

۵G-NR support

  • Updates to 5 Qualcomm Snapdragon X70 chipset log codes.
  • New attribute spanning the whole of a VoNR call, showing native VoNR, EPS Fallback or VoLTE access type.
  • New attributes for NR bands from supported Band List NR.

New collection device or technology support in actix analyzer 2023

Accuver XCAL DRM support

Support added for IPv4 addresses, from Android Smart Phone Info messages, into Message Browser, and setting attribute:

  • Device_IP_Address

Infovista TEMS support

Support added for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra devices (SM-S918U) ahead of a future upgrade of the TRR API to version 25.0.

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Keysight Nemo support

  • Resolved a problem where LTE_UE_RB_Num_UL/DL_for_Carrier[0] was not being set correctly for PCells during Carrier Aggregation.
  • Improvements made to LTE_UE_Carrier_Num_DL for when carrier aggregation was enabled/disabled.

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Qualcomm QXDM / chipset support

  • The following log code messages have been added/improved:

NR 5G ML1 DLM2 CA Metrics Request, v3.00 (0xB9A7)
NR 5G MAC DL TB Report, v3.04 (0xB886)
NR 5G MAC PDSCH Status, v3.06 (0xB887)
NR 5G MAC RACH Attempt, v3.10 (0xB88A)
NR 5G MAC CDRX Events Info, v3.06 (0xB890)


Rohde & Schwarz SmartONE (QualiPoc / SmartBenchmarker) support

  • Resolved a problem which was preventing certain QualiPoc 22.3 files from being loaded.
  • Support added for RLT message during GSM mode, setting attribute:
  • Support added for MCC and MNC reported by scanners in LTE Pilots v3 LTE DLSCH MIB and LTE DL-SCH SIB 1 messages, setting attributes:
    LTE_Scan_MCC_SortedBy_RSRP[*] LTE_Scan_MNC_SortedBy_RSRP[*]


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