Tems Investigation 24.x

Tems Investigation 24.x

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TEMS Investigation is an air interface test tool for cellular networks, supporting all of the following technologies:

  • NR
  • LTE (FDD and TDD)
  • EV-DO Rev. B/EV-DO Rev. A/EV-DO Rel. 0/cdma2000/cdmaOne
  • Wi-Fi

TEMS Investigation enables monitoring of a wide variety of data services over packet-switched connections, as well as CS voice and video telephony.
TEMS Investigation is primarily a tool for data collection and real-time analysis. It interfaces with a wide range of user terminals, scanners, and positioning equipment, collecting data from these devices and recording it in logfiles. The application also boasts a vast array of windows for presentation of logfile data.
Still more powerful post-processing facilities are provided by the product TEMS Discovery.

TEMS Solutions for:

Mobile Network Operators, Equipment Vendors, Contractors
Connected Car, Automotive, Fleets, Transportation
Autonomous and Remote Control Operations, Private 4G/5G, Industry 4.0, Ports, Mines


Technical Reference

  • Supported Cellular System Versions
  • Format of CEL File (UMTS)
  • Format of XML Cell File
  • Cell Identification
  • Format of Cell Whitelists
  • Data Session Error Messages
  • Text Export Format for Logfiles
  • Notes on Third-party Logfile Export Formats
  • KPI Definitions

Expanded Utilities

  • ImagePositioning
  • RouteFinder
  • RouteUtility
  • TEMS Status Monitor
  • Using the OnDevice Settings application
  • Diagnostics Collector

TEMS Investigation Release Note 24

Please refer to the Release Notes for information on recently introduced features in TEMS Investigation.

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