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Nemo Outdoor license

Understand performance and quality of mobile networks (QoS and QoE testing) and optimize it for improved end-user satisfaction and increased Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

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Nemo Outdoor 8.6

لایسنس Nemo Outdoor

لایسنس Nemo Outdoor آخرين نسخه نرم افزار Nemo Outdoor 8.6 امکان پشتيبانی از همه سرويسهای: Volte، MOS/Polqa, Carrier Aggregation و … پشتيبانی از کليه گوشی های Nemo شامل: N976Q، Sony XZ Premium G8141/G8142 و … Nemo Outdoor is a laptop-based drive test tool for wireless network testing which supports over 300 terminals and scanning receivers […]