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5G drive test tools are used to measure the performance of 5G networks in real-world conditions. They are used by network operators to identify and resolve problems, optimize network performance, and ensure that their customers are receiving a high-quality service.

The equipment required for 5G drive testing can be broadly categorized into two main types:

1. Hardware:

  • 5G Drive Test Phones: This is the core hardware component of a 5G drive test system. It is typically installed in a vehicle and is responsible for capturing and processing radio signals from the network under test. The terminal should be equipped with multiple antennas to support all of the 5G NR bands that are deployed in the region.

  • GPS Receiver: This is used to track the location of the vehicle during the drive test. This data is essential for generating accurate coverage maps and for correlating performance measurements with location.

  • Laptop

2. Software:

  • Data Collection Software: This software is used to collect data during the drive test. It controls the hardware and records the raw data.

  • Data Analysis Software: This software is used to analyze the data that was collected during the drive test. It can generate reports and charts that show the performance of the network.


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