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Nemo Handy Phones with license

VOLTE and 5G support
All existing devices for telecommunication tests (Irancell, first companion, Ritle, Mins Net and …) are responsive.

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Essential PH1 Nemo Handy

گوشی Essential PH-1 Nemo با قابلیت پشتیبانی TDD

Essential PH-1 Nemo Handy TDD Suitable for TDD tests, Irancell and MobinNet Replacing the DataCart E5776S-420U The Essential PH-1 has the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM, and 128 GB of internal storage. There’s also a decently sized 3,040 mAh battery. With these specs, Essential is hoping that the PH-1 will last more than […]

Samsung Note 4 Sm-910G Nemo Handy

Samsung Note4 N910G Nemo Handy Note4 N910G with Nemo handy 3.1.x & NMR7.9.X / 2.5.2.X VOLTE & 2CA Support Carrier Aggregation: 2CA Support 2G/3G/4G Data Category Cat6 Supports MOS/POLQA VOLTE support This is a Galaxy Note 4 phone operating on LTE (FDD) and UMTS. It is a Category 6 device, thus supporting carrier aggregation. The […]

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Nemo Handy

Sony Xperia XZ Premium G8141/G8142 Nemo Handy This handset is the most complete phone in the Iranian market with the ability to install tems pocket and Nemo Handy, which supports all the services required by network operators. Support for Volte Service All active operators Country: MCI, MTN and Rightel One of the latest models presented […]

Samsung Note 10+ N976Q Nemo Handy

Samsung Note 10+ N976Q Nemo Handy The latest and fullest phone with Nemo Handy supports With 5G supportability LTE DL Cat DL20/UL13 (DL 2000/UL 150 Mbit/s) LTE 4×4 MIMO Carrier Aggregation (DL 5CA, UL CA) LAA Modulation:256QAM  Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G SM-N976Q Nemo Handy Ensure network quality and end-user satisfaction of wireless networks with […]

Samsung Note 5 Nemo Handy

Samsung Note-5 Nemo Handy Samsung Note-5 N920I Note5 N920i Support: LTE: Band 1(2100), 2(1900),3(1800),4(1700/2100),5(850),7(2600),8(900),12(700),17(700),19(800),26(850),28(700),40(2300) WCDMA:850/900/1900/2100 GMS:850/900/1800/1900 Throughput Categories- LTE Catagory 6 (300/50 Mbit/s), Category 9 (450/50 Mbit/s) HSDPA: Category 24(42 Mbit/s) GPRS/EDGE Class 12 Real-time Control Capbilities RAT Lock (LTE,WCDMA,GSM) Band Lock (LTE,WCDMA,GSM)