Swissqual Swissual Diversity

لایسنس SwissQual Diversity

SwissQual Diversity License

Versatile in configuration and operation
commonplace laptop personal computer for drive testing
pill laptop for indoor and walk testing
hand-held QualiPoc humanoid testing choice combines the movableness of a hand-held tool with the facility of a PC-based system
Supports some a hundred devices from major vendors, together with mobile phones, smartphones, USB modems, mini PCIe modules, and RF scanners
humanoid smartphone check support offers a real client expertise read with tests being dead within the humanoid package
Multiple knowledge electronic equipment support for economical multi-technology improvement measurements
Reliable and productive
The verified Diversity computer code design provides a stable and reliable performance with up to 6 check devices connected to the laptop
simple configuration with automatic hardware detection, SIM subscriber management, and predefined likewise as customizable workspaces
Standalone configuration information makes it simple to clone configurations for companywide rollout
Multi technology tool
CDMA2000®, EVDO Rev.0/A
WiMAX™, iDEN, IS-136
Full work from application to physical layer
3GPP and 3GPP2 RF, L2, L3, TCP/IP, together with uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, RTSP, WAP, SIP, ESP, RTP, and others
quite 900 activity values that may be displayed on custom-made monitors as tables, lists, line charts, bar charts,or maps
quite seventy predefined monitors for application, network, layer three signal, device technology, and RF scanning
improvement tasks
Coverage, quality, and capability analysis
Static and dynamic period of time device forcing
relinquishment history and missing neighbor presentation
4G-3G-2G IRAT relinquishment events
Multi-RAB and different multi-transfer mode task execution choices
Advanced RF scanning choices, together with LTE MIMO and sub-band analysisComplete service testing feature set
caesium and VoIP speech, data, browsing, messaging, video streaming, mobile TV, video telephone
Single- and double-ended speech quality check eventualities for mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-fixed connections
Supports ITU-T P.863 (POLQA) full reference voice MOS measurements on narrowband and band speech signals
SwissQual SQuad formula suite support, together with full reference voice MOS, echo, noise suppression, and in-band voice RTT
quite 250 ETSI-compliant KPIs out there in period of time likewise as in post process
MapX® map plotting with serving and neighbor BTS sector indications. Powerful saving and loading of drive check ways in MapInfo® format permits show of many weeks of driven routes
simple in-building positioning victimization indoor architectural plan footage that ar hold on within the activity file. Supports direct map capture from the laptop camera
knowledge management
Powerful post process with playback of multiple files, search tool, and fast activity result outline news
Intelligent activity file archive search, that relies on filter criteria equivalent to technology, operator, KPI thresholds, and RF channel numbers
versatile knowledge export to CSV, Google Earth®,and MapInfo® format