Aexio Xeus Infovista Pro

لایسنس Infovista Xeus Pro

لایسنس Infovista Xeus Pro

Introduction to Xeus Pro 5

InfoVista’s Xeus Pro 5 is a mobile network Geographical Information System (GIS) Optimization software
expert system capable of analyzing and identifying the common root causes of drop calls, block calls and
low quality in the network from the perspective of the radio network. Xeus Pro 5 combines exceptional
visualization capabilities with advance drive test and traffic measurement recording analysis, including
statistics import, plotting and charting. In all, Xeus Pro 5 is a smart solution for the day-to-day use of RF
Optimization Engineers needing an engineering analysis platform to handles multiple data sources.
Xeus Pro 5 also has the ability to synchronize with the InfoVista’s backend server solution, Xeda, which
utomates data collection, analysis and reports as across Configuration Management (CM), Fault
Management (FM) and Performance Management (PM) data-sources.

2.0 Task Manager

The Task Manager allows the managing of parsing tasks and the scheduling of FTP parsing for log files
that are stored in a remote server. Currently, the Task Manager feature is available in modules such as
Drive Test, Ericsson GPEH & LTE Call Trace, Huawei CHR & LTE Call Trace, Nokia Megamon, and ZTE