HP 8570W laptop drive test

لپ تاپ درایو تست HP 8570W

Drive test laptop HP 8570W

CPU: i7 – 3720QM
H.D.D: 256 GB SSD
Graphic: Quadro K2100  ,2GB
Screen Size: 15.6 inch
Resolution: Full HD  1920×1080
Color: Silver
Grade: A+

The HP Industrial Laptop series is very suitable for test drive.
Due to the presence of SSD, the percentage of data clearing error and storage is very low.
It has 5 USB ports as well as Express Card support that can be connected without hub 7.
The laptop is very strong and tight and responsive in difficult conditions.
This series of industrial laptops are easily repaired and there is also the possibility of upgrading RAM and hard drive.

لپ تاپ درایو تست HP 8570W

لپ تاپ HP 8570W