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Swissqual NQDI: Netqual, Qualipoc

Swissqual NQDI: Netqual, Qualipoc The Network Quality Data Investigator (NQDI) is a post processing system that demonstrates the capabilities of data collection by SwissQual QualiPoc and Diversity products for network and service optimization and benchmarking. On top of all radio technologies, NQDI also provides detailed quality analysis and long-term reporting for voice and data services. […]

Swissqual Swissual Diversity

لایسنس SwissQual Diversity

SwissQual Diversity License Versatile in configuration and operation commonplace laptop personal computer for drive testing pill laptop for indoor and walk testing hand-held QualiPoc humanoid testing choice combines the movableness of a hand-held tool with the facility of a PC-based system Supports some a hundred devices from major vendors, together with mobile phones, smartphones, USB […]