Analyzer Update 2023 12

Analyzer Update 2023 12

Analyzer Update AU2312 x64_2023-12-14_464.000 license

Amdocs Drive Test Analytics Suite, by Actix

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New collections of devices and improvements:

-Initial support added for Infovista TEMS Refined streams.
-Support added for as a supported OTT App Type with Nemo.
-Qualcomm NR chipset carrier aggregation support for scenarios where
required log codes are not added t-the UE log mask.
-Multi-part RSCMD file support within a single SQC container.

New collection device or technology support

Infovista TEMS Investigation / Pocket / Paragon raw stream support

• Improvements made t-setting of Task_App_Bytes_Total_DL/UL. Task_Dir is
now added for TCP DL/UL tasks, and only the corresponding DL / UL byte count is
shown for the correct task direction.

Infovista TEMS Investigation / Pocket / Paragon refined stream support

• Initial support for Refined Streams – more details on support of TEMS Refined
Streams are available from your Amdocs Sales Director.
-FileFormat = “TEMS Refined”

• The following attributes are set directly from TEMS TRR API Information Elements:

• When processing files with both raw and refined streams captured, users must
select the Preference Setting Format > TEMS > Prefer Refined Streams.

• The setting of the initial timestamp of TEMS files has been adjusted, t-use the
DateTime property, t-match TEMS Investigation. An additional message is
created at the start of any TEMS stream – Recording Started. Relative times of
messages will be impacted by this change, although the absolute timestamps of
all messages will remain the same.

Keysight Nem-support

• Support for ff2.55 is complete with the addition of support for Audi-Quality
Indication Uplink (AQIU) message.• Support added for “” OTT App type, setting attribute

PCTel SeeGull scanner DTR Export support

• Support added for array attribute NR_Scan_CellID_SortedBy_RSRP from SIB1

Qualcomm QXDM / chipset support

• Support added for setting Carrier Aggregation attributes / events, when typically
required log codes are not enabled in the log file recording (0xB886 NR 5G MAC
DL TB Report, or 0xB9A7 NR 5G ML1 DLM2 CA Metrics Request). Measurements
per carrier inside the NR 5G MAC PDSCH Status message are checked t-
determine the number of configured and active carriers. Configured carriers are
held until the end of the RRC connection, and active carriers are reported
according t-the contents of the NR 5G MAC PDSCH Status message. Once the
number of reported carriers goes above 1 or below 2 the corresponding CA
Activation / Deactivation events are triggered.
• Improvements made t-the decode of NR 5G ML1 Searcher Measurement
Database Update Ext, v2.10 (0XB97F), correcting an intermittent issue where
some attributes were not decoded correctly.
• Added support for NR_UE_NR_ARFCN_DL and NR_UE_PCI t-be set from NR
5G ML1 Searcher Measurement Database Update Ext, v2.10 (0XB97F), even when
the RSRP and RSRQ contain invalid values within the message, for a particular
carrier component measurement.

Rohde & Schwarz SmartONE (ROMES4) support

• Support added for multi-part RSCMD files within the same SQC container.
• Improvements made t-the array index in setting LTE_UE_RSRP_for_PCI.

Rohde & Schwarz SmartONE (QualiPoc / SmartBenchmarker) support

• Support added for LTE RRC State message int-Message Browser only.

Samsung chipset support

• Support updated for NR PHY Debug Statistics message, correcting PUCCH and
PUSCH Power attributes.

Event Detection

• Event detection efficiency of VoLTE / VoNR has been improved.
• VoLTE / VoNR event detection improvements, including support for calls failing
with 500 Internal Server Error.


• Improvements made t-decoding of embedded UE-CapabilityRAT-container.


Actix 2023-12 Released Notes:


Analyzer Update 2023 12
Analyzer Update 2023 12


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