Huawei Tools – probe and Assistant

  • Photo of Huawei Genex Probe & Assistant

    Huawei Genex Probe & Assistant

    لایسنس Huawei Genex Probe & Assistant Huawei Probe & Assistant The Probe is an air interface test software, which is used to collect the test data of the air interface of the GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+, CDMA2000 1x/EV-DO, WiMAX, and LTE network. Through…

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  • Photo of Huawei FMA

    Huawei FMA

    لایسنس Huawei FMA Huawei FMA GSM Huawei FMA UMTS To improve the fault location efficiency of global system for mobile communications (GSM), the GSM Maintenance Department develops the Fault Manager Assistant (FMA) for fast fault location and troubleshooting. The FMA…

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  • Photo of Huawei Unet

    Huawei Unet

    لایسنس Huawei UNET The GENEX U-Net is a professional tool that fully supports the planning of wireless networks. It supports the planning of single-system network and the planning of multi-system network. For example, the U-Net can be used to plan…

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  • Photo of Huawei Omstar

    Huawei Omstar

    لایسنس Huawei Omstar It is used only for automatic collection and analysis of NE information by using the preceding tools. The scenarios of manual data collection and analysis are not involved

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