دیدترین نسخه های نرم افزارهای مخابراتی را می توانید در ادامه مشاهده کنید. تمامی نرم افزارها تست شده اند و ضمانت کارکرد دارند. همچنین اگر نرم افزار مورد نیاز خود را نیافتید میتوانید از قیمت تماس با ما آنرا مطرح کنید.

Latest version of Tems Investigation, Tems Discovery, Actix Analyzer, Nemo Handy, Nemo Analyzer, Atoll …

  • Photo of Huawei Genex Probe & Assistant

    Huawei Genex Probe & Assistant

    لایسنس Huawei Genex Probe & Assistant Huawei Probe & Assistant The Probe is an air interface test software, which is used to collect the test data of the air interface of…

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  • Photo of Swissqual NQDI: Netqual, Qualipoc

    Swissqual NQDI: Netqual, Qualipoc

    Swissqual NQDI: Netqual, Qualipoc The Network Quality Data Investigator (NQDI) is a post processing system that demonstrates the capabilities of data collection by SwissQual QualiPoc and Diversity products for network…

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  • Photo of Swissqual Swissual Diversity

    Swissqual Swissual Diversity

    لایسنس SwissQual Diversity   Versatile in configuration and operation commonplace laptop personal computer for drive testing pill laptop for indoor and walk testing hand-held QualiPoc humanoid testing choice combines the…

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  • Photo of Huawei FMA

    Huawei FMA

    لایسنس Huawei FMA Huawei FMA GSM Huawei FMA UMTS To improve the fault location efficiency of global system for mobile communications (GSM), the GSM Maintenance Department develops the Fault Manager…

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  • Photo of Huawei Unet

    Huawei Unet

    لایسنس Huawei UNET The GENEX U-Net is a professional tool that fully supports the planning of wireless networks. It supports the planning of single-system network and the planning of multi-system…

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  • Photo of Huawei Omstar

    Huawei Omstar

    لایسنس Huawei Omstar It is used only for automatic collection and analysis of NE information by using the preceding tools. The scenarios of manual data collection and analysis are not…

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  • Photo of Tems Discovery 21.x

    Tems Discovery 21.x

    لایسنس دائمی Tems Discovery 21.x لایسنس دائمی نرم افزار Tems Investigation 21 | پشتیبانی مادام العمر | ضمانت کارکرد صحیحData format updates   TEMS updates NR Bandwidth Part, NR per…

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  • Photo of Nemo Analyzer

    Nemo Analyzer

    لایسنس Nemo Analyzer Nemo Analyze is the ideal post-processing solution for data produced by Nemo tools, Ascom TEMS™ product family, EADS REMS TETRAPOL, and R&S ROMES. Nemo Analyze’s support for…

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  • Photo of Nemo Outdoor 8.6

    Nemo Outdoor 8.6

    لایسنس Nemo Outdoor آخرين نسخه نرم افزار Nemo Outdoor 8.6 امکان پشتيبانی از همه سرويسهای: Volte، MOS/Polqa, Carrier Aggregation و … پشتيبانی از کليه گوشی های Nemo شامل: N976Q، Sony…

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  • Photo of iBwave Design

    iBwave Design

    لایسنس iBwave Design THE INDUSTRY STANDARD FOR DESIGNING IN-BUILDING WIRELESS NETWORKS. Created specifically for small to medium size projects, iBwave Design Lite is the most affordable way to simplify and…

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