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Latest version of Tems Investigation, Tems Discovery, Actix Analyzer, Nemo Handy, Nemo Analyzer, Atoll …

Huawei Genex Probe & Assistant License 

لایسنس Huawei Probe & Assistant

Huawei Genex Probe & Assistant License Huawei Probe & Assistant The Probe is an air interface test software, which is used to collect the test data of the air interface of the GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+, CDMA2000 1x/EV-DO, WiMAX, and LTE network. Through the Probe, the network performance can be evaluated, the network optimization can be guided, […]

Swissqual NQDI: Netqual, Qualipoc

Swissqual NQDI: Netqual, Qualipoc The Network Quality Data Investigator (NQDI) is a post processing system that demonstrates the capabilities of data collection by SwissQual QualiPoc and Diversity products for network and service optimization and benchmarking. On top of all radio technologies, NQDI also provides detailed quality analysis and long-term reporting for voice and data services. […]

Swissqual Swissual Diversity

لایسنس SwissQual Diversity

SwissQual Diversity License Versatile in configuration and operation commonplace laptop personal computer for drive testing pill laptop for indoor and walk testing hand-held QualiPoc humanoid testing choice combines the movableness of a hand-held tool with the facility of a PC-based system Supports some a hundred devices from major vendors, together with mobile phones, smartphones, USB […]

Huawei FMA

لایسنس Huawei FMA

لایسنس Huawei FMA Huawei FMA GSM Huawei FMA UMTS To improve the fault location efficiency of global system for mobile communications (GSM), the GSM Maintenance Department develops the Fault Manager Assistant (FMA) for fast fault location and troubleshooting. The FMA analyzes faults based on the following data sources: l   Man-machine language (MML) script of the […]

Huawei Unet

لایسنس Huawei UNET

لایسنس Huawei UNET The GENEX U-Net is a professional tool that fully supports the planning of wireless networks. It supports the planning of single-system network and the planning of multi-system network. For example, the U-Net can be used to plan the network using both the GSM technology and UMTS technology or the network using the […]

Tems Discovery 21.x

Tems Discovery 21

Tems Discovery 21.x license Permanent Licensing Tems Investigation 21 | Lifelong support Warranty of the correct operation | Data Format Updates   TEMS updates NR Bandwidth Part, NR per serving beam and general consolidation of NR serving beam reporting (21.2.0) Support for NR RRC signaling and NR related content in LTE RRC signaling (21.1.3) Support […]

Nemo Analyzer

لایسنس Nemo Analyzer

Nemo Analyzer license Nemo Analyze is the ideal post-processing solution for data produced by Nemo tools, Ascom TEMS™ product family, EADS REMS TETRAPOL, and R&S ROMES. Nemo Analyze’s support for CSV (Character-Separated Value) format also allows importing of ASCII data into the database, enabling for instance Wireshark/Ethereal and network counter data to be correlated and […]

Nemo Outdoor 8.6

لایسنس Nemo Outdoor

لایسنس Nemo Outdoor آخرين نسخه نرم افزار Nemo Outdoor 8.6 امکان پشتيبانی از همه سرويسهای: Volte، MOS/Polqa, Carrier Aggregation و … پشتيبانی از کليه گوشی های Nemo شامل: N976Q، Sony XZ Premium G8141/G8142 و … Nemo Outdoor is a laptop-based drive test tool for wireless network testing which supports over 300 terminals and scanning receivers […]

iBwave Design

لایسنس iBwave Design

iBwave Design license THE INDUSTRY STANDARD FOR DESIGNING IN-BUILDING WIRELESS NETWORKS. Created specifically for small to medium size projects, iBwave Design Lite is the most affordable way to simplify and accelerate your inbuilding wireless network design process. With dynamically calculated RF calculations, automatic Bill of Materials, on‑screen error validation, 3D prediction capabilities and KPI compliance […]