Tems Investigation 26

Tems Investigation 26

Tems Investigation 26 license

update : 2024

The license of Tems Investigation 26 is currently available and you can order it.  All parts of the Tems Investigation 26 have been checked and tested.

TEMS Investigation – the industry-leading tool for troubleshooting, verification, optimization, and maintenance of wireless networks. Offering data collection, real-time analysis, and post-processing all in one, TEMS Investigation is a complete solution for all of a network operator’s daily network optimization tasks. This complete solution eliminates the need for multiple tools, reducing costs and saving time and effort for operations staff.

TEMS™ Investigation 26.0 Release Note

TEMS Investigation 26 Release Note

New Features tems investigation 26

Android 14 Readiness

Android 14 is officially supported for both devices with TEMS and commercial firmware.

Xiaomi HyperOS

Xiaomi´s new HyperOS based on Android 14 is supported by TEMS Investigation 26.0.

On-device Updates Based on Android Version

Starting with this release, an Android version compatibility check will be performed before any On-device updates
are installed on the devices. This is to mitigate the risk of incompatible software.

Performance Enhancements

Multiple performance enhancements have been implemented with this release of TEMS Investigation, the
platform has been updated to utilize the latest .NET enhancement from Microsoft, improving the performance of
the application by up to 25% for certain test cases and a 25% faster logfile replay has been observed.
Microsoft .NET 8 requires Windows 10 (version 1607 or later) or Windows 11 (version 22000 or later). The .NET
8.0.1 runtime is included with the TEMS Investigation installer.

Offline Map Tile Set Selection

It’s now possible to easily switch between multiple different tile sets for offline maps. For instance, a user can
prepare a tile set per city, and easily switch the active tile set in the launcher. Please refer to the Users’ Manual
for additional information on how to configure the offline map.

GLS Cloud Server License Bundling

With the release of TEMS Investigation 26.0, support for license bundling of counted licenses in GLS Cloud
Servers has been added.

Standalone & Non-Standalone Band Lock

On a Qualcomm based device with TEMS firmware, it is now possible to set an NR NSA or SA band lock, either
from a script or manually.

POLQA & sQLEAR License status

The status of POLQA and sQLEAR PC licenses are now visible in the Voice Quality Options window.

sQLEAR Speech Path Delay

TEMS Investigation 26.0 now supports sQLEAR Speech Path Delay on devices with TEMS firmware.

 OTT Media

The OTT Media framework includes a testing system for measuring the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of
Experience (QoE). This system allows you to test a wide range of real OTT applications, as well as specific
chosen ones, to gather Key Performance Indicator (KPI) information.

 Video Call

With OTT Video Call, you can test mobile-to-mobile (M2M) video calls using real OTT applications in realtime/during drive testing on either devices with TEMS or commercial firmware.
Python scripts for WhatsApp and Skype are available for download at the Infovista Support Portal for immediate
OTT Video Call testing.
The following GLS (Global License Server) license is required:
• TI-ODM-OTT-Med-T12
This feature requires On-device 1.240 or later to be installed on the device.

Supplementary Action Services

With OTT Supplementary Action, you can test the Success Rate and Duration of any UI action on an OTT App
that you have in mind, such as loading a page, log on or log off, liking a post etc.

Python scripts for the following OTT Apps are available for download at the Infovista Support Portal for immediate
OTT Supplementary Action testing:
• Facebook (Post Status, Like Post, Comment Post, Delete Post, Load User Feed, Load Page Feed)
• Instagram (Search Hashtag, Load Feeds)
• Netflix (Logon, Logoff)
• Twitter (Load Home, Load User, Search Tweet)
The following GLS (Global License Server) license is required:
• TI-ODM-OTT-Med-T12
This feature requires On-device 1.244 or later to be installed on the device.


ITU-T has updated the Interactivity Score algorithm in ITU-T G.1051 (03/2023). Instead of PDV median, the PDV
standard deviation is used to calculate the Interactivity Score.
TWAMP QI has been updated to calculate the Interactivity Score based on this update. Parameter values for eGaming and Video Chat HD setting files have also been updated.
• E-Gaming
• Video Chat HD
The TWAMP Server will also now run as a System Service. As a System Service, it will automatically be started
whenever the server is started or rebooted and be able to run 24×7 without any manual user intervention.


Buffer Complete
It is now possible to end the Streaming test when the video is fully downloaded without waiting for the full video
playout to be completed.
When set to True, the Streaming activity will end successfully once the video is fully downloaded.

YouTube 18.49.36 Support
It is also now possible to test YouTube with YouTube 18.49.36 for Streaming and OTT Media Video Streaming
Due to changes made by Google, users can no longer select a specific resolution for the streaming session.
While the available resolutions are still displayed on the YouTube App, Google has removed the UI component
identifier for each resolution option. Hence, the UI Automator is unable to differentiate between the options
Hence, if Video Quality is set to a specific resolution (i.e. 2160p, 1440p etc.), the test will now fail.
For Streaming activity, two additional Video Quality options have been added to the Script Designer:
• Higher Picture Quality
• Highest Available Option
For OTT Media Video Streaming activity, the video quality (-vq) parameter supports these two additional options:
• Higher Picture Quality
• Highest Available Option

For Streaming activity (and Streaming Configuration activity), when Higher Picture Quality is selected, if Clear
Cache is set to True, Video Quality Preferences for Mobile Networks and Wi-Fi will be set to Higher picture
quality. If Clear Cache is set to False, nothing will be performed.
For OTT Media Streaming activity, Video Quality Preferences for Mobile Networks and Wi-Fi will be set to Higher
picture quality if -vq HigherPictureQuality is set.
When Highest Available Option is selected, the first available resolution option from the top in the Quality for
current video list will be selected. Since YouTube displays the resolution options in descending order with the
highest resolution being at the top, the highest resolution option will thus be selected.
YouTube 18.49.36 support requires On-device 1.245 or later to be installed on the device.


The two subjective MOS scores for video streaming, VSQI Instant and VSQI Session are now officially available
for YouTube, Netflix, TikTok and Facebook.
VSQI Instant is a network-centric and video clip content-independent subjective MOS score for troubleshooting
that is based on the most sensitive content and will be calculated every second after prebuffering. Inputs are
resolution, frame rate, and streaming state.
VSQI Session is a network-centric and video clip content-independent subjective MOS score for benchmarking
that will be calculated once per session after 30 seconds of video playout. Inputs are prebuffering, rebuffering and
average VSQI Instant.

Check Network Access Event

The Check Network Access event has been added to indicate when ODM starts checking for Network Access.
The new KPI Trigger will provide additional insights when there are delays between Network Access checking
and the DNS request and TCP handshakes.

 Refined Events

The following refined events definitions have been added:
• Email Receive Data Transfer Cutoff
• Email Receive First Data
• Email Send Data Transfer Cutoff
• Email Send First Data
• Facebook Logoff Success
• Facebook Logon Success
• Facebook Operation Success
• First ACK
• First HTTP Get
• First HTTP Post
• First Packet with Content
• First SYN
• First SYN ACK
• First DNS Request
• FTP Service Command
• HTTP Connection Initiation
• HTTP Minimum Payload Reached
• HTTP Time to first byte
• HTTP Post Connection Initiation
• Last Fin
• Last Rst
• Skype Logoff Duration
• Skype Logon Duration
• Skype Operation Duration

• Added new NR Band n104 & n105 support for Gflex. Validated with Gflex firmware version
• Added new NR Band n105 support for HBflex/IBflex. Validated with HBflex/IBflex firmware version
3.4.17 Rohde & Schwarz TSME6 API Updates
• Upgraded Rohde & Schwarz Vicom API 23.0 for Rohde & Schwarz TSME6/TSME scanner. Note Rohde
& Schwarz TSMW scanner support has been removed from this API version.
3.4.18 e-SIM
e-SIM capable devices can now be used in TEMS Investigation with no restrictions compared to devices with
physical SIM slots only. Any single physical SIM slot or e-SIM can be used with full functionality of diagnostics,
service testing and control functions.

Configurable Timing on Information Elements

Selected information elements have been improved with regards to configurable update intervals. There are now
4 different categories of intervals that can be configured to 0.5s / 1.0s / 2.0s, each category consisting of a set of
information elements in NR and LTE technologies:
• Radio throughput: throughputs and byte counts for PDSCH/PUSCH/MAC/RLC/PDCP layers
• Layer 1 metrics: MCS, Modulation, Rank, Transport Block details
• Cell measurements: Serving cell measurements for RSRP, RSRQ, RSSI, etc.
• Media metrics: (TBD)
This work will continue to evolve over coming releases, with more information elements added to these categories
over time.

New Information Elements and Events

New information elements:
• Device Connection Type
• Allowed NSSAI Slice Differentiator
• Allowed NSSAI Slice Service Type
• PDU Session QoS Flows
• PDU Session S-NSSAI Slice Differentiator
• PDU Session S-NSSAI Slice Service Type
• OTT Video Call Configuration Phase Duration
• OTT Video Call Operation Duration
• OTT Video Call Test Phase Duration
• OTT Video Call Total Reconnecting Duration
• OTT Video Call Success Ratio (%)
• OTT Supplementary Action Configuration Phase Duration
• OTT Supplementary Action Operation Duration
• OTT Supplementary Action Test Phase Duration
• OTT Supplementary Action First to Last Action Duration
• OTT Supplementary Action Success Ratio (%)
• Link Layer DL Throughput
• Link Layer DL Byte Count
• Link Layer UL Throughput
• Link Layer UL Byte Count
www.infovista.com | 10
• Wifi Active Network BSSID
• Wifi Active Network Capabilities
• Wifi Active Network Channel
• Wifi Active Network Frequency
• Wifi Active Network RSSI
• Wifi Active Network SSID
• Wifi Connection Status
New events:
• Inter-System Redirection to NR Attempt
• Inter-System Redirection to NR Failure
• Inter-System Redirection to NR
• Inter-System Redirection to LTE Attempt
• Inter-System Redirection to LTE Failure
• Inter-System Redirection to LTE
• Check Network Access
• OTT Video Call Attempt
• OTT Video Call Configuration Phase Complete
• OTT Video Call End
• OTT Video Call Error
• OTT Video Call Reconnect Attempt
• OTT Video Call Reconnect Complete
• OTT Video Call Start
• OTT Video Call State Changed
• OTT Video Call Success
• OTT Video Call Test Phase Complete
• OTT Video Call UI Automation Action
• OTT Supplementary Action Attempt
• OTT Supplementary Action Configuration Phase Complete
• OTT Supplementary Action End
• OTT Supplementary Action Error
• OTT Supplementary Action Miscellaneous Event
• OTT Supplementary Action Start
• OTT Supplementary Action State Changed
• OTT Supplementary Action Success
• OTT Supplementary Action Test Phase Complete
• OTT Supplementary Action UI Automation Action


Tems Investigation 26

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