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Tems Pocket Phones with license

VOLTE and 5G support
All existing devices for telecommunication tests (Irancell, first companion, Ritle, Mins Net and …) are responsive.

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Sony Xperia XZ Premium Tems Pocket

گوشی موبایل Sony Xperia XZ Premium G8141/G8142 با قابلیت پشتیبانی Tems و Nemo Handy

Sony Xperia XZ Premium G8141/G8142 Tems Pocket This handset is the most complete phone in the Iranian market with the ability to install tems pocket and Nemo Handy, which supports all the services required by network operators. Support for Volte Service All active operators Country: MCI, MTN and Rightel One of the latest models presented […]

Samsung Note 10+ N976Q tems pocket

Samsung Note 10+ N976Q Tems Pocket The latest and fullest phone with TEMS supports With 5G supportability LTE DL Cat DL20/UL13 (DL 2000/UL 150 Mbit/s) LTE 4×4 MIMO Carrier Aggregation (DL 5CA, UL CA) LAA Modulation:256QAM توضیحات مربوط به نرم افزار TEMS™ Investigation 21.2.3  که در سایت اصلی تمز ارائه شده است. Samsung Galaxy Note […]

Samsung Note 4 Sm-910G Tems Pocket

گوشی samsung Note-4 N910G/F با TEMS Pocket و Nemo Handy

Sumsang Note4 N910G Tems pocket Version 15.3 Support Carrier Aggregation: 2CA Support 2G/3G/4G Data Category Cat6 Supports MOS/POLQA VOLTE support This is a Galaxy Note 4 phone operating on LTE (FDD) and UMTS. It is a Category 6 device, thus supporting carrier aggregation. The device is VoLTE-c apable, and with software installed it can compute […]

Huawei E392 Datacard Tems Pocket

Huawei E392 Datacard Tems Pocket

Huawei E392 Datacard Tems Pocket The E392 supports the following standards Long Term EvolutionLTE High-speed packet access (HSPA+ Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS Enhanced data rates for global evolution (EDGE General packet radio service (GPRS Global system for mobile communications (GSM The E392 provides the following services: LTE packet data service HSPA+ packet data service […]